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Hey, I'm Keane.

I'm an award-winning freelance strategist based in Boulder, CO.

A multifaceted creative strategist.

I help digital, social and creative agencies get rid of that "oh crap, who's going to do this work" feeling.
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Brand Strategies
Whether it's repositioning, tweaking or building out an entirely new brand - I'm well versed in making the vague concrete.
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Campaign Briefs
Briefs should be brief. As in short. Like really short. But they should also surface something in a new, fresh light. The goal isn't to think outside of the box, but to make that box as fly as it can be.
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Digital, Social + Content Strategies
Eventhough I always recommend one, clear strategy that can flex to many channels, sometimes a direction needs a bit of extra articulation.
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Strategy for Pitch Work
Pitching can be the most and least amount of fun possible in advertising - often at the same time. Personally, pitching is my jam. Working fast with a kick-ass team towards a tight deadlines... mmm. 
past clients

A decade of experience.

Over the last ten years, I've worked with dozens of major, global brands. I love them all equally.
awards and press mentions

Awards are sweet.

I've been lucky enough to pick up a few awards.
  • This award was all about answering the question: How do people best work together to get things done and facilitate a transformative effect? I invented a radical strategy process for the London office of 360i and our submission beat out incredibly reputable agencies such as R/GA and Mother.

    APG Transformational Strategy Team Award
  • I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team and helped craft the campaign strategy behind the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon campaign.

    Cannes Lions
    Silver - Mobile
  • This was probably my favorite campaign I've ever worked on. The campaign was called The Great American Bacon Barter for Oscar Mayer. More about this campaign is below in my 'Work Examples' section.

    Shorty Awards
  • In 48 hours I worked with a crack team to create a business and a minimum viable product. I then lead pitch development and our business called Miyagi (like an Uber for tutors) took first place.

    Startup Weekend
    First Place
  • I helped concept and design an overhaul of the 360i careers site.

    The Web Awards

As seen in...

I've also made the news a couple of times too.
work examples

Creative strategy case studies.

Here's a couple of examples of highly original and award-winning work that has resulted from my strategy efforts.

The Great American Bacon Barter

Online, bacon is a big deal. At the time, there were more people talking about bacon than there were about Angelina Jolie - and this was in Angelina's heyday.

Get more people talking about Oscar Mayer bacon, instead of just bacon in general.

People are so obsessed with bacon, they'd do anything for it.

Oscar Mayer's new Butcher Thick Cut bacon is so good, it's as good as cash.

The Great American Bacon Barter. We sent a guy named Josh across the country with no cash and no credit cards - just a trailer full of Butcher Thick Cut bacon. His challenge? Barter for everything he needed using only bacon.

Wake Up and Smell The Bacon

Oscar Mayer had given us an open, on-going brief for radically new ways they can get more people talking online about their bacon, not just bacon in general.

Oscar Mayer had already had a few great bacon-related campaigns, but how could we leverage modern technology to continue to break through the clutter and drive conversations?

People hate getting up in the morning to a shitty alarm clock, but what if they could wake up in the morning to the smell of bacon?

Create a new piece of technology to bring the bacon experience to consumers other senses.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon. We partnered with a scent-technology company in Japan  and created a proprietary device that turned your smartphone into a bacon-smell-dispensing  alarm clock.

The Lidl Social Price Drop

Lidl is one of the world's fastest growing supermarkets, and it was no different in the UK. Lidl growth can be accredited due to its high quality products at super low prices.

Lidl has always been about listening to its customers, but Christmas is also the most expensive time of year - so our challenge was to keep customers coming back, while showing them that Lidl listens to them.

After conducting strenuous social listening research, we found that Christmas is simultaneously the most positive and most negative time of year for consumers.

Stoke the flames of real-time chatter about Christmas products in order to drive relevance and footfall for Lidl.

The Lidl Social Price Drop. Leveraging real-time social conversations, we dropped the prices of select Christmas items across 640 stores in the UK in a category first.

Autotrader Drivetastic

Everyone knows about Autotrader, but not everyone thinks it's "for them" when shopping for a car.

Shopping for a car is daunting for consumers and nearly all sites in the category talk about their process - not the consumers.

When you find the perfect car for you, the feeling is almost indescribable. Almost.

Transform perceptions of using Autotrader from just another car shopping site to that of an an awesome, personalized journey.

We invented a whole new word to describe that feeling you get with Autotrader... Drivetastic. We rolled out a full-scale digital campaign complete a series of highly personalized 3D-printed dash hula dolls.
work examples

Consulting case studies

For the work that doesn't have a creative output but it still impactful to the business.

My Style

  • COLLABORATIVE - I believe the best strategies are built as a team.

  • REMOTE-ish - Out of sight, but never out of mind thanks to years of remote working experience.

  • TRAVEL, YOU GOT IT - Willing and able to travel at a moment's notice.

  • FASTER THAN HELL - I work at breakneck speeds without the breaking of the neck.

  • NO EGO - I'll never fall on my own sword. It hurts.

  • ADAPTABLE - Can lean into your way of working.

Education + Experience


Babson College

BS in Business Management with a major in Marketing.

'08 - '11

Colangelo - Darien, CT

Developed expertise in brand planning, digital strategy and web analytics.

'11 - '15

360i - New York, NY

Deepened my digital, social and content strategy skills. 3 years also spent working remotely in California.

'16 - '17

360i - London, UK

In charge of all strategic output for the London 360i office. Doubled department revenue and team size in two years.


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